What is Spring Fling?

Spring Fling is our Spring Celebration for good behavior, inside and outside of the classroom, for the month of April. We will have different spring activities, games, music, food trucks, vendors, and so much fun making memories with your friends!

Who Can Attend?

Students must meet behavior and academic expectations from March 22nd-April 29th (23 DAYS OF SCHOOL). In order to attend students must meet the following requirements

  • 7 or fewer negative log entries in atlas (March 22nd – April 29th)
  • No suspensions (March 22nd – April 29th)
  • No ATS (March 22nd – April 29th)

PLEASE NOTE: Excessive tardies and Student meeting academic expectations/work ethic in classes will also be reviewed

How Do Students Participate

Students will be able to earn MOO BUCKS that will allow them to participate in all of our activities.

Students will be released from 1:30-2:30 PM for a fun filled afternoon of BLOOMING ACTIVITIES, including:

  • Spring Activities & Games
  • Photo booth
  • Nachos
  • Face Painting
  • 2-Litter Ring Toss
  • Snack Bar
  • Popsicles
  • …And Moooooore!!!.


Students may also buy food, drink, and snack from several vendors that will be on campus. We advise that if students would like to purchase anything from out vendors they bring $5-$20 to do so such as:

  • Me-N-Ed’s Pizza
  • Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
  • Yosemite Concessions (Fries and Corndogs)

Moo Bucks

Students will be able to earn Moo Bucks, during half the month of March and all of April, leading up to Spring Fling on April 29th. Students will be rewarded Moo Bucks for having good behavior in and outside of class, meeting academic expectations, and for giving a 100% everyday during SUMMIT Learning, PE, and Electives. So WORK HARD & MAKE SMART CHOICES to meet Tioga’s academic and behavior expectations… and you will PLAY HARD at our annual SPRING FLING!

Surprise Moo Bucks

We will have SURPRISE Moo BUCKS rewarded to students on time in the morning, between passing periods, and weekly for students who are on time every day every period and/or with zero absences. Students will also be given BONUS MOO BUCKS for participating in class and at lunch during lunch activities. You can also receive BONUS MOO BUCKS for coming to Saturday School (YES, IT’S COMING BACK!!) You will be able to redeem Moo Bucks at the Spring Fling to get in on the fun, buy yummy treats, listen to hit music, and redeem for awesome prizes!

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